Automating accounting using artificial intelligence (AI)



Our customer is an AI startup from Norway that operates in the local and global market for more than 4 years. The company suggests automation services for data acquisition, cost distribution, along with the automatic flow for large enterprises and accounting firms. Semine practices an innovative approach for the accounting and financial industries, helping them to implement digitalization and improve industry transformation.
Starting its path back in 2016, the company has significantly evolved. With more than 75 employees on board, Semine has attracted major investments in Norway. Moreover, the start-up has become one of the finalists of the Nordic Start-Up awards within the “Best AI-startup” category.

Realizing that Frontbyte has played one of the important roles in a customer’s success and evolution of the industry motivates us even more. So, get ready to know more about one of the most interesting, efficient, and outstanding projeсts within our portfolio!

Incoming request

The customer has its own software development and product development office in Kristiansand (Norway) that consists of about 20 developers. During the project they engage our specialists according to various requests:

  • Augmentation of the Backend team
  • Augmentation of the Frontend team
  • Remote development of the project module
  • Creation and implementation of the UX\UI conception of the new modules and improvement of the existing ones
  • Creation of the UI kit
  • Team extension with our QA Manual
  • Implementation of Automation QA
  • Assistance with team management
  • Assistance with business analysis

Pre-sale phase

A few years ago Frontbyte was invited to strengthen the customers’ existing Backend and Frontend teams with our Senior software developers. They’ve been sent on a business trip to Norway to our customers’ head office.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to focus on the improvement of work in distributed teams and significantly increased our expertise with this.

Along with the formation of a remote cross-functional teams we’ve been working on the UX / UI. The list of our services can differentiate from month to month as the customer changes his requirements and the team composition.


We are focused on long-term cooperation as we develop new modules and solutions. Moreover, we work on the improvement of current solutions. All tasks, requirements, and priorities come from customers. Currently, our developers and QA’s are part of one of the Semine teams. All team members are represented by experienced senior specialists and our main focus is our expertise.

Results and business value

As we focus on efficient and long-term cooperation, over the last year of our partnership we have released new modules, significantly improved the administration panel. Along with that, we are actively engaged in the improvement of the quality of the current product and developed a UI kit.

Are you in search of a dedicated, trustworthy, and efficient team of professionals? Fortunately, you’ve found one. Fortbyte is glad to suggest the team extension services at your disposal. Just leave your request so we can discuss all your project requirements and implement any of your ideas!


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