Our team

We are experts with over 10 years of experience in European IT-industry

Our team includes unique specialists, including scientists, professors, and high-level IT-specialists.

Arild Karlsen is a serial investor in tech start-ups and the chairman of Frontbyte Company

Robert Kristiansen is the founder and mentor of Frontbyte Team.

Norway Head Office

Josef Schlezinger


An executive manager with long-term experience in running high-tech companies. Experienced in property development, technical advice, project management and technical operation for owners and tenants. Holds a BSc Econ and an MSc.

Reidar Stølan


A digital strategist and business developer with passion for new technology. An expert in digitalization of the SportsTech and FinTech industry. A professional golf player and a Tournament Director of Norwegian Golf Federation.

Delivery center in Belarus

Nick Vershinin


An entrepreneur and investor. Ranked as one of the Top 100 people in the Russian digital market.

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