We provide high-end services for digital companies

Assisting tech start-ups and software companies

Frontbyte is working closely and exclusively with software companies and technology start-ups. Our UX experts help us in creating a project scope and its product backlog. Our communication experts ensure proper understanding between onsite and offshore locations as well as verify the input of the development hubs.

Our team specializes in nearshore and offshore development introducing proper methodology and using international terminology to support our clients all over the world.

Technology stack

.Net, C, C++, C#, Swift, Obj-C, ARKit, ARCore, Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Cocoa touch, UIKit, CoreData, Centrifugo, Codeigniter, Symfony2, Kitura, CoreML Assembly, node.js, Typescript, WinAPI, Java AutoHotkey


SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Realm, sqlite, LightDB, MongoDB, Azure Service Bus

Automation tools

Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server, Selenium, TeamCity, Jenkins, CircleCI, Appium

Operating systems

Linux (Ubuntu, Arch Linux), Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows

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