Frontbyte recruits Geir Wiksén, former CTO at Aller Media, as the new leader of software development company Frontbyte

Having had significant growth in 2020, Frontbyte is now strengthening its focus in Norway. Geir Wiksen (Linkedin), former Chief Technology Officer at Aller Media, will now have the techno commercial responsibility for the company.

Frontbyte specializes in offering expanded teams to the leading Norwegian software companies. This model allows the core team of the company to focus on the development of their APIs, while specialists at Frontbyte develop clients and user interface. This allows companies to enter the market faster and introduce new products and new functionality.

Frontbyte currently has specialists in different fields, Angular and React front-end frameworks among them. The company can also offer assistance of specialists in UX, consulting, project management and software specification so that the entire software development process could be outsourced.

Geir comes from the position of CTO in the Aller Media group and has a long and wide experience in leading larger development teams. He was also involved in the establishment of Itera in Ukraine as well as spent several years in India during Digimaker's establishment in Bangalore.

“The need for knowledge and development resources for digitization projects is growing rapidly and many companies are ready invest in such projects but are struggling to implement their ideas and vision. I look forward to getting started with my work. The foundation built in Frontbyte is excellent both for delivering holistic products from idea to rollout, and for expanding established development environments with high professional competence and increased capacity.”

Frontbyte works for leading Norwegian software companies and has its development center in Minsk, Belarus. The company was established by Robert Kristiansen after he sold Indian Advali to Kongsberg Gruppen. Frontbyte has until now been led by Jan Høgetveit.

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