Frontbyte AS is a Norwegian consulting company specialized in system- and web-development based on Microsoft technologies.

The company has its own department dedicated to mobile development with iOS and Android developers. Frontbyte has in-depth knowledge of augmented reality and experience in using artificial intelligence for automation purposes.

Today, Frontbyte’s environment consists of experts in software specifications and planning, including full-stack developers, with emphasis on Microsoft’s development tools and on client development based on current frameworks such as Angular and React.

Our company is specialized in Microsoft technologies and has a department dedicated to mobile development with iOS and Android developers who have in-depth knowledge of augmented reality.

The company also has a UX and UI department with experts in iOS and Android development.

Frontbyte is focusing on Norwegian companies, where the need especially for senior development resources is significant. Frontbyte’s owners have extensive experiences in Norway in terms of offshoring and nearshoring and supply resources both on-site and remotely. In Norway, the company is well represented through Norwegian solutions and client consultants, with significant experience in system- and web-development. Our typical employee has more than 10 years of experience, a higher education, and management experience from leading ICT companies and large development projects for Norwegian and international clients.

Our head office is located in Norway

Delivery center is located in Belarus

Frontbyte’s Ownership

The owners of Frontbyte established their first IT company in 1997 and have completed numerous large projects for notable clients. They are also behind one of Norway’s fastest-growing start-ups, SEMINE.

Frontbyte’s founders co-founded the first Norwegian IT company with a subsidiary in Bangalore, and they have collaborated with Norad about the start-up of the previous IT company and its leading development center in Bangalore. Since then, the company has been visited by leading Norwegian ICT executives and companies, and it has been used as an exemplary company by ICT Norway in terms of establishing business in Asia. The company was sold to Kongsberg Gruppen in 2012 and is today the Indian division of Kongsberg Digital.

After the original company was sold, its founder Robert Kristiansen established a separate development environment in Belarus, with the ambition to attract the best minds in the region so that they will become available to Norwegian software companies.

Frontbyte is today under strong ownership, with the biggest owners being Northence AS (Robert Kristiansen), Paradox Invest AS (Thore Berthelsen), Blue AS (Jan Høgetveit), KGI AS (Arild Karlsen), GiS Holding (Jørgen Gismervik) and JRM Holding AS (Josef Schlezinger).

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Norway Head Office

Jan Høgetveit


Delivery center in Belarus

Nick Vershinin


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